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Portuguse Water Dog
Craircreek Emilio Robusto


Am.Ch, Can.Ch, Swed.Sh.Ch, Fin.Sh.Ch, Norw.Sh.Ch, Dan.Sh.Ch. Nord.Sh.Ch, Norw-W.2011, Helsinki-W.2011


Owner: Donna Dottdenker Canada
c/o owned by Annika Ulltveit-Moe

under his europeen visit.

Big thank you for trusting him to us!


Emilio Norw-W.2011 !

BOB-CAC-CC and Finnish Ch!

In Åland-Eckerö 2011!

BOS-CAC-Winner in Paris

French Championship show

Emilio 4 wks!

    News NKK April 2014
NORDCH NOJW-12 Whisborne Mariposa Tentacao
won her qualifying CACIB for her C.I.B title!

The first and only born PWD at Whisborne showing her right attitude, but sh also did well in showring with cac in norway, sweden and denmark as well as several cacib that qualified her for the CIB title, she still young but have 3 BOB and several BOS in her merits

                Coco in action  !

Portuguese Water Dog

 Patriot's Inara Serra of Mariposa 

European Winner-2010
Int.Sh.Ch./CIB, Nord.Sh.Ch,

Am.Ch.Swed.Sh.Ch, Dan.Sh.Ch, Fin.Sh.Ch, Norw.Sh.Ch,SL.Ch. Dutch Ch. Can Ch


Owner: Annika Ulltveit-Moe/ Scott Lenz



Paris 2011!

French Championship show

Inara in slow motion