• Lhasa apso Introducing

Whisborne was established in 1962 and have become a name of Champions in different breeds. In the last years we have bred Lhasa Apso´s with a great amount of success. Our use of the classic English lines combined with the best from America have made our success possible in Europe as well as in North- and South America

Our aim is to breed high-class, quality showdogs with typical character in combination with style, soundness and movement. Our breeding have been made up as Champions in many European countries and in USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

Due to Annika's judging appointments we are not able to show as much as we used to, but some of the offspring are with excellent people that keep the flag flying! We do not have many puppies a year, but occasionally we have some puppies avaielble. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


Ch. Lhasa apso :

Ch.Whisborne Swarovski
Ch.Whisborne Accessoire
Ch. Whisborne Secret Service
Ch. Whisborne Jack Daniels
Ch. Whisborne Sugar Daddy.
Ch.Whisborne Touch Me
Ch.Whisborne Dark Horse
Ch.Whisborne Girl Go Wild
Ch.Whisborne Touch Floor
Ch.Whisborne Triple Touch
Ch.Whisborne Aqvarell

Ch.Whisborne Cara Mia

Ch.Whisborne Lasagna

Ch.Whisborne Acrtinara

Ch.Whisborne Cha Cha Cha
Ch.Whisborne Lambrusco
Ch.Whisborne Fancys Fantasy
Ch.Whisborne Lambada
Ch.Whisborne Amaretto
Ch.Whisborne Creamy Apricot
Ch.Whisborne Moonwalker
Ch.Whisborne Medium Rare
Ch.Whisborne Limoncello
Ch.Whisborne Tia Maria
Ch.Whisborne Hair Apparent
Ch. Whisborne Head n'Hair
Ch.Whisborne No Limit
Ch Whisborne Ragdoll
Ch.Whisborne Flying Colours
Ch.Whisborne Triple Play
Ch.Whisborne Braveheart
Ch.Whisborne Part Of The Art
Ch.Whisborne Lamborghini
Ch. Whisborne Toystore
Ch.Whisborne Feline Feeling
Ch.Whisborne All This And Heaven Too
Ch.Whisborne Brooksbjur Super Trouper
Ch.Whisborne Heatwave
Ch.Whisborne Walkover
Ch.Whisborne Hei D'oh
Ch.Whisborne Speed Limit
Ch.Whisborne Sports Model
Ch.Whisborne Forbidden Fruit
Ch.Whisborne Sleep Walker
Ch.Whisborne Panacotta
Ch.Whisborne Brooksbjur Satisfaction
Ch.Whisborne Broksbjur Aristocrat
Ch.Whisborne Color Me Cute
Ch.Whisborne Athene
Ch.Whisborne Colour Plume
Ch.Whisborne Poseidon
Ch.Whisborne Ferrari
Ch.Whisborne Formula One
Ch.Whisborne Move'n Sake
Ch.Whisborne Quick Step
Ch.Whisborne Let's Dance
Ch.Whisborne Cappucino
Ch.Whisborne Porthos
Ch.Whisborne Rainman
Ch.Whisborne Limoncello
Ch.Whisborne Almond tryffel
Ch.Whisborne Tia Maria
Ch.Whisborne Tiramisu
Whisborne Hedda
Whisborne Sweet Charity
Whisborne Toy Toys
Whisborne Ghostly Voice

Swe Ch Whisborne HeiD´Oh

Multi Ch.BIS Eu-winner 99 Multi Ch Whisborne Braveheart

Swe N Dk Nordic Int Ch

Whisborne Speed Limit

Swe Ch Whisborne Sports Model

Int Nordic Ch Nordic Winner-01 BISS Whisborne Heatwave

Whisborne breeders group X 3 !

Swed.Sh.Ch, SW-04 Whisborne Tiramisu

Ch.Whisborne Cappucino‏

Int.Sh.Ch/CIB Norw.Sh.Ch, Swed.Sh.Ch. Whisborne Brooksbjur Aristocrat

Am.Ch, Can.Ch, Mex.Ch.Whisborne Super Trouper‏

Int. Ch, Nordic Ch. Whisborne Breavehart‏

Int. Ch, Nordic Ch. Whisborne Poseidon‏

Multi Ch.Whisborne Sleepwalker‏

Multi Ch.Whisborne Ferrari‏

CC-winner Whisborne Ghostley Voice

Ch.Whisborne Lambada‏

Multi Ch. Whisborne Forbidden Fruit

Int Ch Fin w-99 Sw-98,99 BISS Whisborne Feline Feeling

Int Nordic Ch Whisborne Flying Colour

Nordic Sh.Ch, KBHW-03 Whisborne Panacotta