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Int.Ch./CIB Whisborne Devil in Disguis

Int.Ch, Nord.Ch. Klb.Ch., N.Ch., DK.Ch., Fin.Ch.
WW-94, EUW-97, BW-95, WA-95, Kbh.W-94, 95, 96, 97

The most important english springer spaniel bred at Whisborne
are the legendary wellknown MULTI.Ch. Whisborne Devil in Disguise.
He got 14 titles to his credit and is sire of 48 champions and to 41
CAC- winners so far, who makes him to the all time top studdog in
the breed born in Scandinavia.
Sire of : Champions:

Ch. Adamant´s Briliant Chance
Ch. Adamant´s Superman - WW-98
Ch. Adamant´s Estee Lauder
Ch. Adamant´s Export Quality
Ch. Adamant´s Brandnew Luck
Ch. Adamant´s Express Pride
Ch. Adamants Bestseller
Ch. Adamants Ellen Beatrix
Ch. Mystic Copperfly
Ch. Mystic Gold-Fever
Ch. Mistily's Wizard From Oz.
Ch. Sieger´s Angel in Disguise
Ch. Sieger´s Monica Seles
Ch. Mr. Walker Wall-Creeper
Ch. Barecho Royal Showcase
Ch. Inu-Goya Lady Sings the Blues
Ch. Inu-Goya Jazzman
Ch. Inu-Goya My Music
Ch. Sieger´s Midnight Special - WW-96
Ch. Sieger´s Aint She Sweet - WW-96
Ch. Sieger´s Franch Beige
Ch. Sieger´s Johnny Walker
Ch. Sieger´s Galant Fox
Ch. Sieger´s Always a Pleasure
Ch. Sieger´s Four Socks
Ch. Sieger´s Black Label
Ch. Sieger's Andre Agassi
Ch. Spring Creek´s Dolly Parton - EUW-97
Ch. Rainmaker of Skyway
Ch. Raincloud of Skyway
Ch. Rainbow of Skyway
Ch. Nimblewhit Old Fashioned
Ch. Hazlewood Geisha at Inu-Goya
Ch. Hazlewood Coco Chanel
Ch. Hazlewood Madam Butterfly
Ch. Whisborne Roule Britannia - WW-95
Ch. Hightide's Autumn Girl
Ch . Hightide´s Apollo
Ch. Spring Creek´s Findus
Ch. Adamant's Dancing Queen
Ch. Mystic Bronze Age
Ch. Mystic Lead Free
Ch. Mistely´s Waltzing Matilda
Ch. Mystic Tinsoldier
Ch. Adamant´s Striking Chance
Ch. Springlet Deja Vu
Ch. Sweetie-Pie Buana Sera
Ch. Adamant's Damask Rose
Sirof: Field Trail Championse :
DK.Sh.Ch. & Ft.Ch. Sieger's Andre Agassi
Dk.Sh.Ch. & Ft.Ch. Sieger's Monica Seles
Dk.Sh.Ch. & Ft.Ch. Sieger's Midnight Special
Fin.Sh.Ch. & Ft.Ch. Adamant's Express Pride
Many of these dogs have their 3rd CAC or even more,
but have not yet qualified on field trail to get their title
(according to scandinavian kennel club rules).
Whisborne Purple Rain
Whisborne Notice Me
Adamant´s Special Colours
Adamant´s Diana Look - JWW-98
Adamant's Damask Rose
Adamant´s Striking Chance
Adamant´s Easy Living
Adamant´s Ace of Inu-Goya
Adamant´s Sence of Beauty
Adamant´s Breeders Dream
Adamant´s Shakespeare
Nimblewhit Hot Chocolate
Spring Creek´s Felix
Spring Creek´s Fiedler
Hazlewoods Sammy Davis
Hazlewoods Samantha Fox
Hazlewoods Shogun
Hazlewoods Sam Cook
Hazlewoods Mei-Leng
Rowntree Quest for Fame
Rowntree Quite Delight
Rowntree Quick Limerick
Springlet Secret Selection
Swinghall Let´s Face the Music
Fondante´s Exclusive Edition
Sieger´s Optical Queen
Sieger´s Angel in Disguise
Mistily´s Angel in Disguise
Mistily´s Good Morning Star Shine
Mistily´s Angel Dressed in Brown
Masgårdens Upside Down
Mystic Copperfly
Mystic Gold - Fever
Trollängens Contessa
Hightide Autumn Girl
Barecho Remember Me
Giffel´s Dirty Harry
Baskethill´s For a Blossom
Hightide´s Alexander
Sweetie-Pie Buona Sera
Sweetie-Pie Besame Mucho
Sweetie-Pie Be My Baby
Raindrop of Skyway
Qualified on field trail (Sweden):
Hazelwoods Coco Chanel
Sieger´s Midnight Special
Sieger´s Ace of Base
Mr Walker Winkle-Pickers
Mr Walkers Wall-Creeper
Mr Walker Walking- Stick
Trollängens Contessa
Black Boots B Cordon Negro
Barecho Royal Showcase
Barecho Remember Me
Spring Creeks Fiedler
Adamant´s Brandnew Luck
Best in Show winners:
Ch. Adamant´s Superman
Ch. Adamant´s Estee Lauder
Ch. Adamant´s Export Quality
Ch. Adamant's Briliant Chance
Ch. Inu-Goya Lady Sings the Blues
Ch. Sieger´s Midnight Special
Ch. Whisborne Roule Britannia
Adamant´s Shakespear
Ch. Adamant´s Striking Chance
Ch. Mistily´s Wisard from Oz
Mistily´s Angel in Disguis
Ch. Mistily´s Waltzin Matilda
Ch. Inu-Goya My Music

Int.Ch.Whisborne Angus Og

The top studdog in Sweden in the breed in 2002,2003,2004 !

Multi Ch.Whisborne Angus Og (Simon) had a flying start in the show ring,
as a group winner on his very first Championship show. He have been
shown in Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden
with a great amount of success. He also work in the field. He denjoy
fieldwork and tracking .

He is sire of many champions, and many CC winners are on the way to the
title in England, USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Luxembourg,
and the Netherlands.

The champions by him are:

Ch.Nobhill Walk On Top At Melverly
Ch. Nobhill Modern Talking
Ch. Adamant's Midsummer Dream
Ch. Adamant's Stardust
Ch. Adamant's Summer Fantasy
Ch. Adamant's Such A Dream
Ch. Sieger's Cartoon Heros
Ch. Charmarq's Jackpot
Ch. Barecho Fun For The Future
Ch. Barecho Future Fashion
Ch. Whisborne Playboy
Ch. Whisborne Diplomat
Ch. Sieger's Aquarius
Ch. Sieger's Super Selection
Ch. Barecho Face the Facts
Ch. Barecho Front Page Story
Ch. Rowntree Pure Chocolate
Ch. Lelica's Love Me Do
Ch. Barecho Fantasy Picture
Ch. Sieger's Freaky Friday
Ch. Sieger's Good Vibration
Ch. Whizzbang Crawling Crab
Ch. Creek Cottage's Augusta
Ch. Sieger's Bumblebee
Ch. Sieger's Halloween
Ch. Wildomar's Catch Inthe Rye
Ch. Wizzbang's Cracker Jack
Ch. Sieger's Aida
Ch. Sieger's Fire Major
Ch. Wildomar's Ciss Me Lilac
Ch. Sieger's Claim To Fame

Working Champions

FV Ch.Wildomar's Ciss Me Lilac
SVCh. Woodbay Ofelia of Brigadoon
SVCh. Woodbay Orpheus of Angus
SVCh. Brigadoon Arn of Angus
SVCh. Hornötorpets Phortos
SVCh. Brigadoon Abigail of Scillamedow
SVCh. Key To Success Fantasy Fruit
SVCh. Key To Success Golden Delicius
SVCh. Winner Ghost's Jolly Snowdrop
SVCh. Key To Success Golden Eye
SVCh. Winner Ghost's Gallant Flower
SVCh. Winner Ghost's Gallant Scarlet
SVCh. Winner Ghost's Gallant Sugargirl
SVCh. Kay To Success Forrest Gump
SVCh. Whisborne Cheerleader
SVCh. Morkullans Rasmus På Luffen
The most important wins so far is Best of Breed at the FCI European Winner Show in Austria 1999, and Best of Breed at the FCI World Dog Show in Italy 2000 - where he was awarded the title of World Champion 2000 from the Italian Kennel Club. And he was awarded the Nordic Winner title 3 years in a row, 2001, 2002, and 2003.
In 2002 , 2003 , and 2004he was the top stud dog of the year in the breed in Sweden.

Whisborne Devil in Disguis